Eight Lego Classic Space Exosuits

The Lego Ideas Exosuit was just the beginning. Here are my seven additional specialized Exosuits based on the different Classic Space designs.

CS001-A All-Purpose Exosuit (original Lego Ideas design)
Exosuit Original 01

CS001-B Frontier Exploration Exosuit
Exosuit CS Blue 01

CS001-C Mining Operations Exosuit
Exosuit CS Black 01

CS002-FT Communications Exosuit
Exosuit Futuron 01

CS003-BT Counter Espionage Exosuit
Exosuit Blacktron 01

CS004-SP Law Enforcement Exosuit
Exosuit Space Police 01

CS005-MT Logistics Exosuit
Exosuit MTron 01

CS006-IP Arctic Explorer Exosuit
Exosuit Ice Planet 01

Exosuit All 8

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