Lego MOC: Café Corner interiors

Well, I’ve done it. Somehow it started with me wanting to get one or two of the Bike Shop & Café sets, to combine into something that could become the start of a new custom Lego modular building. Then I thought that I could spend that money on pieces for the actual Café Corner, the first of the original houses. Then I spent that money, and more, and now I have all of it. It just needs to be built, which I’ll get started on shortly.

However, as the first modular, Café Corner didn’t have any interiors. This was partly as a specific idea to promote custom builds, and partly to reduce the part count. So the entire thing has three empty floors. While waiting to start the building itself, I created interiors to fill those gaps. Note that these are set up on preliminary plates just to get the dimensions of the room.


The bottom floor has a café, obviously. This was a chance to use up loads of pieces I don’t normally have a use for. The café has an ice-cream machine, an espresso machine, loads of canned drinks and various delicious cakes. You might spot one of my favourites on the mid bottom shelf: carrot cake. Obviously Larry the Barista works here.


The sign outside says HOTEL, but I might try changing that into ANTIK (Swedish for Antique), because the second floor has an antiques shop. I was going to put one of the old style horses in there, since I once saw a horribly ugly wooden horse in an antique shop in Prague, but I quickly ran out of room. While that’s normal for this kind of shops, I preferred to have relics of all the historical eras. Pa Cop runs this store, being a bit of a Civil War buff. But suddenly the old guys hanging around this place are surprised to see… a young woman?


On the top floor is Pa Cop’s and Grandma’s apartment (Grandpa is someone else’s grandpa). Thanks to the wonders of the modern age, Grandma is never alone. I originally planned to make an 80’s styled apartment but it felt better to actually have the antique shop owners live here. I tried to make something similar to the standard modular apartments without having too many unique parts.

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