My Lego hoard recovered

I dug out all of my old Lego and, well, I have a lot. When I have more time I’ll build the major models – mostly Space and Pirate – and store them separately.

Most of it was stored in a big box, with a separate box for the pirate ship and the base plates. The big box is 10 kgs of unsorted Lego goodness.

Luckily I was rather careful with the instructions, so most of it is still around. Aside from the main City, Space and Pirate stuff I have some Technic, some Castle and most interestingly a lot of really old stuff. My first Lego was bought second hand, and some is very early. We’re talking serial numbers in the 100s and 200s, and a few in 300s and 600s.

I haven’t kept as many boxes, but all the first series of Pirates is still around. I’m not planning to sell any of this, but I would assume the value would be much better.

The main idea was to get all the minifigs and sort out what is still complete. I used to make a lot of them into game characters using stickers, and some are (partly) still around. But no more. I washed them all up and recovered the pieces.

Here’s the final result of a few hours of fiddling and sorting pieces. Quite an impressive bunch, but lots of pieces still missing and many, many faces faded by time and neverending shuffling.

Oh, and I found one of the last builds, which was only partly taken apart. This robot was made from several Space sets, so it will make it easier to rebuild those.

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