Rare Soul Edge art: Siegfried

Pretty much since I first started playing Soul Blade (as Soul Edge was renamed in the west, probably because of that Langdell bastard), Siegfried was my favourite. The little guy with the huge sword and the cocky attitude was a blast to play, and it didn’t hurt that he pretty much became the main character after that. A kid of 16 in this game, Siegfried Schtauffen led a band of brigands who robbed their way around the Holy Roman Empire, which Germany was a part of at that time. Coming across a group of battle-weakened knights, Siegfried and his Schwarzwind fell upon them and killed them all in search for treasure. However, after killing the leader, Siegfried realized that it was his father, Frederick, just home from the crusades. Siegfried snapped… and yet this was just the beginning of his… eh… nightmare.

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