månadsarkiv: maj 2019

Lego Captain Marvel and the Skrull Attack (76127)

Right after watching Captain Marvel I went out and bought this set, but having my photo booth covered in Lego prevented me from giving this a review until now. So what do we have here?

Making superhero Lego sets is usually an exercise in pointlessness. With few exceptions, the heroes are what matters and any vehicle is usually just a way to get around the license issues, since Lego don’t normally own the ”action figure” rights. Some are actually relevant, like the Quinjets, the Milano and the Benatar, but usually we get a little generic piece of building or something. This set gives us yet another Quinjet, and one of the smaller ones at that. At the same time we have a bigger one from Avengers: Endgame, but this uses a more toned down design mostly in grey with red accents. ... Läs hela texten

Lego Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue (75947)

The new Harry Potter sets released slightly ahead of schedule, so I picked up this one without waiting for a better deal. For some reason, probably because it’s the best movie, the recent sets have heavily focused on The Prisoner of Azkaban, with the previous train set, this and a smaller Expecto Patronum set all covering events from there. Which is fine with me, since we’re getting new editions of several important characters.

Hagrid’s hut is a fairly compact but very detailed set, which uses some clever designs to achieve the rounded look. It reminds me a bit of Luke’s hut from the Ahch-To set, but it’s better overall. The two parts of the house can be taken apart, and inside is plenty of space for (fairly cramped) play if you want all the characters in there. There’s an unnecessary but nice feature with the fireplace lighting up if you press on the roof. Some of the random items inside include a whip, a cleaver, a spoon and, for some reason, Umbridge’s umbrella, which is a nasty little tease considering the figure herself is an exclusive from the Bricktober sets. Outside there’s a small patch of pumpkins with a pole to tie Buckbeak to. These pumpkins are new for 2019 and useful parts, and we get four in this set. ... Läs hela texten

Snart är jag på väg igen

Okej, så … det är svårt att blogga på två ställen samtidigt. Upptäckte jag. Det får jag försöka göra något åt, men till att börja med vill jag berätta om Japan 2019. Ja, det är dags igen. En vis man sa att man aldrig kan fara till Japan bara en gång. Nu blir det min tredje. Anledningarna är flera. Egentligen håller jag på att spara mer seriöst till att köpa bostad, något jag borde ha gjort för länge sedan. Men jag tänkte så här: om jag inte åker till Japan i år så skulle det inte heller bli nästa år eftersom OS kommer att göra allt dyrt och odrägligt. Då skulle det inte bli av förrän 2021 och så långt framåt vågar jag knappt planera. Så jag åker i år, och siktar på bostad nästa år. ... Läs hela texten