Best of Lego 2015

2015 was a great year for Lego, again. Looking at the entire lineup, there is far more greatness than anyone can really afford. This year alone, we got the gigantic SHIELD Helicarrier from the Marvel movies, the Ultimate Collector Series Slave One for Star Wars fans, a great Ferrari F40 model, a charming Kwik-E-Mart from The Simpsons and the imposing Ferris Wheel, as well as the regular modular house and a couple of 1500+ parts sets in the most popular themes: City, Friends, Star Wars and Ninjago, including the amazing Temple of Airjitzu. This year also saw an avalanche of Minecraft sets, the first The Force Awakens ships and a few brilliant Lego Ideas sets. We also got extensions of the Friends minidoll idea with both Disney Princess and Elves. Obviously I had to pass on several sets that would have been cool, but these are the best of what I got.

First, some honourable mentions:

Ferris Wheel
It’s huge and imposing and impressive and houses tons of figures. I’m not really in love with it though. Maybe because I was ill while building it so I didn’t have a great experience. Maybe because it doesn’t really fit in my city and I haven’t decided what to do with it.

Heartlake Hair Salon
Great design, great colours and a neat build.

The Speed Champions line offered lots of great cars. While Ferrari got the huge F40 set, this small minifigure scaled car was the best looking. This one even got my father and uncle to sit down to build Lego one evening, which is an achievement in itself.

Millennium Falcon
Nostalgia overload for those of us who missed out on the last one.

The Elves’ Treetop Hideaway
Tons of great parts and a really charming little set. Big source of dark red and sand green uncommon stuff, as well as the new plants parts.

Let’s also look at the five best minifigures or minidolls of the year:


The figure in itself is great, but the main thing about this is how ridiculous it is that we actually got a real Chell (Lego Dimensions Level Pack: Portal 2) figure. If you consider the Companion Cube an accessory to this, it wins easily, and it’s worth buying even outside the game.

Captain Phasma is the coolest thing about The Force Awakens even though we don’t know what she’ll actually do. A silver Stormtrooper with a cape is automatically cool. Shame that you have to buy the incredibly dull First Order Transporter to get her, but I’m assuming that we’ll get a more affordable option next year.

There were many cool monsters in the Collectible Minifigures Series 14, but I liked the crying Banshee the most. Maybe because I like sand green, but it was a very unique figure and the ghost parts don’t hurt.

Naida and Aira, both available in a single set (Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship), are some of the best minifigures/dolls this year. Lovely new hair molds and fantastic prints make these completely exquisite.

And finally, let’s look at the five best sets I got this year:

5) Heartlake Grand Hotel
A lovely playset with lots of great detailing make this almost half a modular – buy two and make one! The flagship of the 2015 Friends line, this is both very playable and introduces tons of new parts for builders.

4) Double-Decker Couch
While it’s really nothing new, you can’t beat this set for value. A great, affordable way to get Benny and a cute variant of Unikitty, and who doesn’t need a double-decker couch?

3) Wall-E
The annoying neck problem bumped this down a notch or two, but this is still a great set with tons and tons of personality. You don’t get much more model accurate than this using standard Lego.

2) Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship
The surprise of the year. While I liked the overall look of the sets, I bought this mainly to get the figures and maybe use the rest for parts. But the ship was a really great build, it looks awesome and it’s perfect as a display for the Elves characters since I’ve torn down all the other sets for parts.

1) Detective’s Office
There was no completely outstanding set in 2015 like Parisian Restaurant or Ecto-1, so I guess the resident modular wins by default. While some complained about the size and different aesthetic, I found the set a very enjoyable build with some awesome techniques, many cool parts and lots of charm.

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  1. Erik Malm skriver:

    Stort tack för julklappen! Olivia delar nu hylla med Ibuki, Yuri, Mai och Athena (samt min blygsamma DVD-samling).

    Blade Arcus from Shining EX är tämligen trist, trots att piraten Dylan har en del gemensamt med Cervantes.


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