Lego Elves: all of the dragons!

Two separate waves, five distinct sets and a rather silly amount of money later, my collection of the dragons is complete: the earth dragon Thorne, the water dragon Merina, the wind dragon Gust, the fire dragon Zonya and the queen dragon Elandra. They come in three sizes: the earth and water ones are smaller and have new, smaller molded wings while the fire and wind dragons have the classic fantasy dragon wings (although Gust has another set of smaller wings underneath). The queen dragon is obviously the biggest, and also has a bigger head, but her wings are made of transparent plastic, like some sails used in other sets.


They all have similar posability, with all four legs moving and articulated feet, as well as some tail and neck articulation. The wings can also move up and down. Another thing they have in common are really complex, solid builds and lots of interesting techniques to cover them with nice, organic feeling shapes.

Most normal people are probably only going to get one or two, and honestly they are perfectly fine as standalone figures (Elandra and Zonya can both carry two passengers too). If I had to choose, I’d go with Elandra first, then Thorne. Both of their sets are really good and the dragons are great. Zonya is also great but the set is rather plain and the same two figures (Azari and Emily) come with Elandra as well. Gust is fine but slightly dull, and Merina’s set is quite tiny (which, on the other hand, makes her the cheapest dragon to get).


I was intrigued as soon as I heard that the next Elves waves would feature dragons, and these do not disappoint. While the cutesy My Little Pony-ish look to the dragons might turn off some hardcore (and insecure) fans, I think that they fit well into the cartoony, slightly Warcraft-y world of the Elves. If you really can’t handle minidolls and eyelashes, you could also build your own heads and use these dragons as fancy mounts for your fantasy armies. Either way, you should get yourself some dragons!

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