Taking to the skies with Figma Pit

My fourth Figma arrived, and I’m still being constantly impressed by this line. After Samus Aran, Link and Yukiko Amagi comes Pit, the angel hero of Kid Icarus. Released in Japan in April, I ordered him from Ami Ami together with a spare. Apparently Max Factory and Good Smile will be re-releasing Link and Samus shortly so maybe my second Pit wasn’t that great of an investment. But still, for 2910 yen this is an awesome, awesome figure.

This version of Pit is obviously based on his latest game, Kid Icarus: Uprising. It’s not a problem with me since his original design was slightly goofy and not nearly as iconic as his gold and silver cartridge companions. This means oversized hands and feet, as well as the blade bow. Overall he’s a very close match to his game counterpart. Literally the only changes are a slightly simpler laurel crown and some removed etching on his armlets. Heck, even the bottom of his sandals have texture to them! The painting is excellent, especially the hem of his lower tunic. I’m also a big fan of his eyes, which look better than the slightly silly looking Link. However, that’s also due to the game’s superior artwork.

Posability-wise he’s standard for Figma, which means very good. His hair restricts tilting his head up, which could be a problem for flying poses. I’m having difficulties bending his right arm to aim the arrow properly, but that might just be me. His wings are also well done. They sit on ball-joints on stumps on his back and have a single fold in the middle, giving him stretched out wings or folded ones for standing around. The fold is well disguised in the feathers, so the overall effect is great.

Pit also comes with a bunch of accessories, as is common for Figma and Revoltech. There’s a large posable Figma stand, which is more of a use for him with all the flying he does, than it is for Link or Samus. He has an extra, angry face for battle poses, although I prefer the determined look either way. He has several sets of hands: relaxed, closed, holding weapons, and a right one for gripping an arrow. The blades have a common handle for the bow configuration and separate ones for use as swords. He also comes with special effects courtesy of Uprising, small halos that fit on the arrow and around his arm, but they look rather dumb. Finally, he has an enemy to fight, the classic Monoeye. This one has his own simpler stand. Monoeye has a big ugly seam around it, and I would definitely have preferred to get a Metroid with Samus instead.

You might say that Pit is a rather small figure, but on the other hand he’s a fairly good scale compared to the other figures. The low price reflects this, so it’s not a bad deal either way. AR card collectors can also note that they get two Japanese cards for Pit and Monoeye with this. I’m very happy for this figure, and I’m hoping to see more Nintendo classics. Although, considering how these are all based on rather current games, I guess we’ll need a new F-Zero or Star Fox to make that happen. And, well, that’s up to Nintendo.

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