Sheng Long is real in Street Fighter 6

Sheng Long is one of the most classic hoaxes, originally created as an April Fools gag. ”You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance” was Ryu’s mistranslated win quote in Street Fighter 2, but it was quickly assumed that Sheng Long was his master and EGM ran with it, making fake pictures of this character and claiming that he was available in the game.

Well, it took thirty years but he’s now real in Street Fighter 6. After beating World Tour mode, you can return to the game and keep levelling up, taking on additional hidden fighters all around the world, like the Andore family. And Sheng Long appears, hidden at the top of the SIRN building (where another eventful battle in World Tour takes place). Just enter the building at night, take the elevator up to floor 7 and run past all the normal enemies in there. Sheng Long will be standing on the top beams outside. Of course, you can confirm that he’s on the map before you make the effort of running all the way up there.

Sheng Long is a level 90 Ryu-type fighter and can be tricky to beat, although supposedly you can cheese him with Luke’s Sand Blast. Unfortunately, if you lose your match and do not continue, you will be sent all the way back to Beat Square, so make sure you’re ready to take him on once you get there.